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Box of 10 eco-friendly pads with 10 biodegradable disposal bags.

Made from 100% cotton, Feather Heavy Flow Pads are super soft on your skin and provides better soaking. No dyes or chemicals are used to ensure you have a rash-free and non-itchy period. Each pad is individually packed along with bio-degradable disposal bag for ease of carrying and disposal.

28 reviews for ilaaria Feather Heavy Flow Pads

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  1. Mansi

    Love these pads. Softest with best soaking. No tension of leakage, I even forgot I was wearing a pad. Love ilaaria ❤❤❤

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  2. Pooja Verma

    As promised no rashes, no itching. I loved these so much, will buy again. ❤

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  3. Priyadarshini Bhatt

    Worth every penny spent. Now I believe periods can be without rashes.

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  4. Kritika

    Really amazing comfortable pads. Must appreciate their packaging looks so cute.

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  5. Sonam lal

    This pad is super soft and also comfortable . I have tried many sanitary pads but this product is the best❤ . The absorbency is quite good and can be worn for a long duration. I am absolutely in love with this product ❤❤

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  6. Rishika Bajaj

    The size of pad was 330mm which was enough for me to sleep worryfree at night. This is the softest pad I have ever used. I felt like I was not even using a pad.

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  7. Shriddhi Sharma

    It was my third order and I bought two boxes. Softest pads I have ever used

    Image #1 from Shriddhi Sharma
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  8. Shweta.P

    Feels heavenly. Take a risk and you will love it. These are magical. I was scaring while buying but now I am super happy with this. No rashes anymore. Also it gives you feel like normal days. No worries at all. Good absorption. I’m happy and satisfied. Must try.

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  9. Nazia Kamal

    Heavy pads are the best pads available out there. Size is 330 mm which is best for me for the first two days.

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  10. Trisha patil

    This is the most amazing pad I’ve come across so far. This is super comfy and soft, not at all thick to feel like you’re wearing something,The best part is that it is rashfree, Ladies out there with sensitive skin, please try this on. You’ll love it. This also has a biodegradable bag to dispose the pad and maintain the hygiene.

    Image #1 from Trisha patil
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  11. Udisha Jain

    Pads are extremely soft and comfortable. Didn’t even realize I was wearing one.

    Image #1 from Udisha Jain
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  12. R Harsha

    I love these pads so much. The bestest softest comfiest pads I used

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  13. Prakriti Goyal

    Could I BE anymore satisfied? Never thought a pad would make me so happy. I am now a lifetime customer of Ilaaria

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  14. Sonia Sodhi

    I had been looking to switch to a biodegradable alternative for a few months but was not satisfied with the brands available on amazon. I am happy that I got to know about Ilaaria and these are the best pads I have used. Ilaaria is good on the skin and for Earth also

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  15. Drishti

    I’m glad that my friend has introduced these sanitary pads to me… besides being comfortable; they are eco-friendly and totally safe in nature…it’s a must BUY ladies !

    Image #1 from Drishti
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  16. Sanjana

    So soft and comfortable. 5 stars

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  17. Monisha Moitra

    It was big in size with very wide back so that there was no leakage. Absorbency was very good and lasted me throughout the night. Thanks Ilaaria team

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  18. Yukti Verma

    This is very very good. I’m in love with these pads

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  19. Chitra Singh

    These pads are the best. I used to buy some otherone but it caused rashes I was searching for an alternative and I found these. ilaaria pads don’t cause any rashes and doesn’t irritate the skin. It is so comfortable I almost forgot that I was using it.Try these you’ll definitely not go back to your regular pads.

    Image #1 from Chitra Singh
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  20. Aakriti Singhal

    Softest thing in the world is feather heavy pads. Thnx team ilaaria for making me feel so special on my periods.

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  21. Tuhina

    Hi I am writing this review after 5 months use of this product, I never feel comfortable with any brands so usually I always changing brands time to time I came across about this product while searching for rash free pads… This is the best product I personally recommend this product for the people with heavy flow , Am satisfied with this product 👍

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  22. Manvi

    One of the most comfortable sanitary pads I’ve ever used. It absorbs so well and are really soft and cushiony. You can use them during your heavy flows and there’s no leakage at all. I must say this product is really amazing and i can rely on it.

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  23. Swagata

    I usually don’t write reviews but this time I had too. Been using Ilaaria Heavy pads for last 7 months and it has been life altering for me. I now sleep better at night without any worry of leakage due to the extremely wide back. The comfort is beyond words. 💛

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  24. Harshita

    The best sanitary pads i must say. From the day i am using these not going anywhere else.
    The best thing about them are they are so soft and doesn’t gives you any rashes, packings is beautiful.
    Must try.
    Individual biodegradable packets are also provided..

    Image #1 from Harshita
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  25. Savita Seth

    I sent this as a gift and she really liked it. Quality is soo good.

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  26. Khushi Goyal

    I love these pads. Planning to buy more.

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  27. Ruhi

    I love this product. One can’t take risk blindly when it comes to hygine. This product is great for those days and very hygienic. I would surely go for ilaaria again.

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  28. Kaveri

    Perfect for a leakage free night’s sleep.

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